Sierra Leone

ERCL in association with The Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone (PDSL) are pleased to announce a suite of high quality (HQ) seismic, well and reports data sets for Sierra Leone – including data from the national technical data base and joint Value Added products.

All data is available to review at the PDSL data room in Freetown, please contact for more information.

The 2009- 2013 well data are available to license for the first time along with the Mabesi 3D PDSM seismic dataset, which covers three of the recent deep water discoveries by Anadarko.

Well data available for license from the Petroleum Directorate include:

  • Venus-B1, Anadarko 2009
  • Mercury-1, Anadarko 2010
  • Jupiter-1, Anadarko 2012
  • Mercury-2, Anadarko 2012
  • Djembe-1, Talisman 2012
  • Savannah-1X, Lukoil 2013
  • A1, Mobil, 1982
  • A1-2, Amoco, 1985

Seismic surveys available for license from the Petroleum Directorate include:

  • Mabesi 3D – Repsol 2004 (PSTM)
  • Mabesi 3D – Anadarko 2009/2010 reprocessing (PSDM)
  • Sierra Leone MC 3D (Blocks 4 & 5) – TGS 2008
  • Sierra Leone MC 3D (Blocks 3, 4 & 5) – TGS 2011
  • Sierra Leone MC 3D (Blocks 3, 4 & 5 Extension) – TGS 2014
  • Sierra Leone MC 3D (Block 5) – Lukoil reprocessing 2013

For more information on available data please visit the PDSL website or alternatively visit the PDSL GIS portal.

In addition Value Added studies for the Sierra Leone margin will shortly available to license from ERCL (A Getech Group Company), these are outlined in more detail below:

For more information about the products we offer please contact

For more information on investment opportunities in Sierra Leone and the Freetown Data Room please visit and