Canary Islands_flyerERCL is pleased to announce a range of multi-client products for Spain, starting with the “Regional Geology and Petroleum Prospectivity of the Eastern Canary Islands”. This report provides a comprehensive regional study on the geology and petroleum potential of the eastern Canary Islands (offshore Lanzarote and Fuerteventura), encompassing the Atlantic continental margin of Morocco and the continent-ocean transition (COB). A copy of the Project Plan for the study is provided using the link below:

Project Plan Canary Islands (PDF)

The authorities in Spain, notably the Ministerio de Industra, Energia y Turismo (MITYC) and Institutio Geologico y Minero (IGME) have a policy of release of technical data relating to the minerals and oil & gas sectors. ERCL plans to undertake a non-exclusive study that would focus on work to create a Digital Atlas for Spain (SPA-DA). The Digital Atlas will compile all released technical data (including potential field, well and seismic data) in a modern GIS framework. Further details of SPA-DA will be provided in due course.

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