UK 29th Round – Technical Evaluation and Screening

Separate studies available now for Mid North Sea High area and Rockall Trough
High grading plays for detailing prospect evaluation

ERCL is pleased to announce completion of our Multi-Client Technical Evaluation and Screening Studies for the 29th Round Blocks. Two areas have been investigated, the Mid North Sea High area and the Rockall Trough, and are available to purchase on a non-exclusive (multi-client) basis. Each evaluation is a screening of UK 29th Round blocks using all the publically available well data, OGA seismic data and gravity and magnetics data. Additional information has also been used to refine and extend our interpretations, namely:

  • Getech Globe New Ventures platform to investigate reservoir provenance
  • Getech’s industry-leading G&M database to help constrain depth to basement and
  • Thermal history studies undertaken by Geotrack on both a basin scale and regionally along the UK Atlantic margin to determine source rock maturity and hydrocarbon generation history. Whilst OGA has released the basic AFTA and VR data for selected wells, no interpretation or thermal history reconstruction work has been released.

Areas of interest have been highlighted and ranked, detailing plays which warrant a more detailed prospectivity evaluation. Items to be delivered with each study are:

  • ArcGIS project – integrating all available data
  • Report – summarises plays in each area
  • Powerpoint – detailing plays investigated
  • Kingdom project – with key horizons interpreted

For further information regarding the Mid North Sea High or Rockall Trough Technical Evaluation and Screening Studies please contact Martine Davies or Sarah-Jane Kelland.

A summary flyer is available via the link below, and a more detailed Project Outline is available on request.

ERCL 29th Round Study Flyer Apr 16